Uchimura Kidney Clinic

New Patients

1Prior notice required

Patients who are currently undergoing dialysis at another hospital or who are scheduled to start dialysis (introduced in their treatment) will need to have their current hospital call our clinic for referral. Please adjust your schedule with your doctor.


On the day of your visit, please bring your health insurance card and certificate issued for specific disease treatment (as well as the medical care certificate for the elderly (for elderly persons receiving free medical care for aged) or physical disability certificate). We will explain the dialysis treatment provided at our clinic and decide your upcoming dialysis schedule.

3Artificial dialysis

We will start your dialysis treatment at the clinic based on the decided schedule.


1Changing room

We have a changing room if you wish to change your clothes. Please bring your valuables to your bed or reclining chair in the dialysis room.

2Weight measurement before dialysis

You will be required to weigh yourself before the start of dialysis. We will calculate the weight gain from the end of the previous dialysis and determine the amount of water to be removed for the day.

3Artificial dialysis

Please relax during dialysis. There is also a TV in the dialysis room that you can watch for free. Please be considerate of those around you regarding the volume, etc. If you feel unwell during dialysis, please inform a nearby medical staff.

4Weight measurement after dialysis

After dialysis, you will be required to weigh yourself again. The decrease in weight from the body weight at the start of dialysis is the actual amount of water removed.

Public Assistance Consultation

Our clinic is accredited as a designated medical institution of the Public Assistance Act.

Please bring your medical card issued by the welfare office in your area.

Document Costs

Document name Price (tax included) Remarks
Medical certificate (Standard) 3,300yen Standard paper of the clinic


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Q. How much does the treatment cost?

A. There is a system called "special cases for specific diseases (high-cost and long-term medical treatment)". Under this system, medical expenses for dialysis cost 10,000 yen maximum per month per medical facility, and for hospitalization and outpatient treatments respectively.

By obtaining the physical disability certificate, and using the regenerative medicine and the medical expenses subsidy system for the disabled in your local municipality, you can further reduce the amount paid by yourself. Accordingly, most patients will not need to pay anything at checkout.